Thoughts on “Running from Stand Still” on “The Flash”

Tonight’s episode of The Flash titled “Running from Stand Still”, was OK. For it to be the midseason finale, it didn’t have much of a bang as I thought it would, until the end.

I mean, in the middle of the episode we find out that Patty’s dad was murdered by the Weather metahuman but the big surprised to me was when Iris told Barry that her brother is Wally West, aka Kid Flash. Since I didn’t know that, that caught me by surprise.

But like stated before, the big bang didn’t happen until the end when Wally is finally shown, arriving at Joe’s house for the Christmas party. He looked a lot older than I thought but hopefully we’ll be seeing him more the next half returns in 2016.

Second, Eart 2 Harrison Wells has worked out a deal with Zoom to remove The Flash’s speed, in order to get his daughter back. Wow, that’s going to be interesting as now its another Harrison Wells that can’t be trusted.

Let 2016 come soon for of The Flash.



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