Black Sails: Season One Review

About an hour ago I finished one of Starz hit shows, Black Sails.

When I first watched it, the xfinity-to-go app had a special where you coule watch the first season for free, since it cost to watch the network’s shows. & i did, for a little bit, until the speical was over & i ran out of time.

But then came a commercial i saw, a commercial for the third season of Black Sails & they showed the infamous Captain Blackbeard. Once I saw that, I knew I had to re-watch the series.

So I did, faithfully after finishing Daredevil on Netflix. & Black Sails is addicting! The show focuses on Captain Flint, a fomer officer turned pirate that lies & kills crew members in order to be wealthy man, while also being seened as one of the most dangerous & feared captains. In this season, Flint & his crew travel in search of the gold, with the help of the cook, John Silver.

It was only eight episodes but they were great eight episodes. Awesome plots, lots of blood, lots of nude women, great cast & one beautiful location. Can’t ask for more.

For the first season, I give it 5 stars. It’s a sure hit & i hope it goes on way pass three seasons.


Inside Out (2015)

I’ve been wanting to watch this movie for a long time & I finally did about a couple weeks ago, even though it I only got through half of it. So I ordered it through Netflix & watched the remaining of it laat night.

Inside Out, one of the greatest & powerful Disney animated movies, proved to be a great classic for all ages to enjoy. The movie combines comedy with other rides of emotions, since every human has more than one. It is very colorly, hughly sharp in images, which I was surprised by because it look very clear on my PS4 & it’s not even a Blu Ray. Along with that, the cast was incredible, truly truly incredible. Couldn’t have thought of any people better to play these characters.

What makes it such a great movie is the fact that it really shows how your feelings can conflict when you are placed in certain situations & how to handle them correctly. Especially as you get older, feelings grow & change & this movie also touched on the ranges of ages & their feelings.

Inside Out is a timeless movie that is worth watching more than once. Everyone should see this, doesn’t matter how old you are or if not into Disney movies, this the movie to see. 

Along with that, towards the end of the movie, these was one of my favorite scenes: 


Overall, Inside Out gets 5 stars. 

Bring on Negan

With the return of The Walking Dead coming on Valentine’s Day, there’s already a lot of talk about how bloody & crazy this half of the season will be.

With that being said, Norman Reedus has promised something great. Here’s what he said:

There’s going to be a fight. I won’t tell you who, when and where, but I can promise you a fight. All of us are about to clash with that motherfucker. There’s a lot of turmoil in the second half of Season 6.

Sounds like season 6 will be on hell of a ride. So buckle up, cause it’s going to be wild!

Daredevil (2015) Review

Just recently I finally watched & finished Marvel’s new show on Netflix, Daredevil, before season two starts in March.

The very first first time I watched it, I couldn’t finished just the first episode, not sure why but when going back to it have a couple months, that’s when I noticed that. & around the time they were promoting the first season, I was excited, but never finished it.

Not this time though. Finally watched it.

& the season was incredible. From the awesome fight sequences, to the darkness of the city which was a chracter it’s self & the actors, the entire show was great in 13 episodes. I couldn’t get enough of it.

So now with season two coming up & bringing the characters of The Punisher & Elektra showing up, I’m ready for what’s to come.

Thank you, Marvel.

Empire Mag Photos

With March drawing close, more videos & photos of Batman vs Superman have been hitting the net.

With the latest Empire mag coming out this Thursday, some fans got a early copy & posted the pictures online. Pretty sweet, right?


New Batman vs Superman Poster

During the NFC & AFC Championship, there was a new, or slightly new TV spot of the upcoming, highly anticipated movie Batman vs Superman. & with that, a new poster was released. 

 & there’s more. On Twitter, you can hashtag Batman or Superman on you are rooting for.

Let the madness begin. 

Ride Along 2 (2016) Review

I was on the fence about seeing this movie but when my co-worker told me that she thought it was funny, then I decided to go see it.

It was a 30 degree Saturday night & I went to the local theather in my neighborhood, really pumped up to watch a comedy gold performance. I bought a medium drink with the usual chicken strips & cheese fries, looking forward to the night.

In the theater, the room was almost packed from top to bottom which I was not surprised by. But it didn’t matter, I was still able to find a good seat. 

When the movie began, excitment wasn’t there. It acutally went down the moment it began & I think it’s because I could tell the writing, editing & acting wasn’t all the way there. It seemed like it was doing too much.

& it felt like that all the way through. I mean, don’t get me wrong, Kevin Hart & Ice Cube are awesome together but I couldn’t see that like I saw it in Ride Along.

Plus, way, way too many dry parts, where things seem to go on for too long. & it really felt like that once Oliva Munn showed up, then it really felt dry.

The only funny part throughout the whole film was the scene where the trio was entering the party & Ben (Kevin Hart) hit that famous line:

*to Ice Cube’s character*

This all your fault. I feed you, I clothe you.

 That’s when this happens: 
& Ice Cube goes: 

 After this scene, it was dry again.
So overall, I give this movie 2 stars. It could have been better & it is definitely not as good as the first one.     

More Members for GOTG

The great summer blockbuster that showed another great Marvel team on the big screen, Guardians of the Galaxy is gearing up for their sequel next year.

Already, James Gunn has finished the script for the second round as he posted a picture of it on his Instagram. Now there is more news to shed.

According to the comics, the main five members, Star Lord, Gamora, Drax the Destroyer, Groot & Rocket aren’t the only members of the team & the movie might bring three more members to the team.

The first one is Yondu, the leader of the Ravagers that Star Lord left to become the leader of the Guardians. To me, it seems strange for Yondu to be a team member but since he knows Star Lord the best, maybe he is needed for some situations. 

Second is Nebula, sister of Gamora. This one is also strange because Gamora & Nebula were on two different sides of the fight & Nebula really hated Gamora. But because of the ending in the movie of Ronan being destroyed & Thanos only loving Gamora, it would make sense for Nebula to join the good & not travel along the galaxy alone. 

Last but not least is Mantis. For this hero, I know nothing about her but from the pictures I’ve seen, she looks like she definitely is a team member so maybe she will be shown in the movie when it comes out next year. 

Overall, I am very excitied for this movie, along with Wonder Woman when they make it to screens in 2017.

Angie Tribeca (2016) Review

At first when I heard about this show & saw that Rashdia Jones was starring in it, the commercials made it seem like a serious show. But that would be odd knowing that Jones is a funny actress & I have not know TBS to make drama shows. But Angie Tribeca is one funny show.

Angie Tribeca, created by Steve Carell & Nancy Walls Carell stars Rashdia Jones, Hayes MacArthur, Jere Burns, Deon Cole & more in a parody show that focuses on the hard-nose detective Angie in the LAPD.

What makes this show stand out is the over-the-top jokes & literally meanings that happen. For an example, there was a scene where MacArthur’s character, Giles was arresting a crook & he said “time to take the trash out”. What happens. Not arresting the crook but cops literally taking the trash out. So simple but so funny. Things like that happen throughout the whole thing. 

Along with that, the opening title card of screaming over a montage of random things when it then cuts to a LAPD cop screaming from sort of pain he is going through, whether it is him trapped in a elevator or stapling his hand. Plus, throughout the series, there is a cop, the same cop that throws up at every crime scene. Again, simple but priceless.

Everything about this show is hilarious & would be very pleased if there will be a second season.