A Hint at Star-Lord’s Dad

Director/screenwriter James Gunn, along with the rest of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, have been teasing about the upcoming film on Facebook and Instagram and Gunn recently shared something special.

On Gunn’s Facebook page, he released a storyboard they just shot where it shows the caption:

“My mom always said my dad was from the stars”

It’s a small hint but it’s something cool to look at and be intrigued about.



Deadpool Making Money!

The first superhero movie of the year, Deadpool has made $745.7m globally, which makes it the highest-grossing R rated film worldwide, topping the film Matrix: Reloaded, which made $742.1m.


Steve Jobs (2015) Review

Since this movie hit theater last year, I wanted to see this but I never had the chance. So I spent the spring break to watch it and it was a lot more interesting that I thought.

First of all, it takes you directly to Steve (Michael Fassbender) when he first started working at Apple & how he would not really follow what his team was telling him, along with establishing the relationship between an ex & her child, who Steve says is not his but really is and it is a cruel and horrible relationship.

Throughout the movie, it does flashbacks of when Steve first started in his garage with his friend, Steve Wozniak (Seth Rogan), other memories with the Apple and Mac team and so on. With that, it shows actual facts of how Steve failed twice with Apple and then his other product NeXt, which I never heard of.

Thought it was an interesting movie, I am not too blown away and actually didn’t feel like posting a post on this, I thought I should. Overall I give the movie 4 out of 5 stars. Good movie but I got bored sometimes.

New LEGO Batman Movie Trailer

Batman was one of the more popular characters from The Lego Movie and once I saw him hit the screen, I could not get enough of him. So then when I heard that he was going to have his own movie, I knew it was a must see. & so far there have been two teaser trailers, this making it the second one.

In this trailer titled “Wayne Manor Teaser Trailer” we see Bruce Wayne looking at a picture of him with his parents, telling them that he saved the day again and they would be proud. But then Alfred sneaks up behind him and Bruce kicks Alfred all the way towards a piano. & when Alfred realizes that Bruce has some feelings to work out, Bruce chooses not to discuss them by repeating no over & over, until he begins to beatbox. When Bruce does, he ask Alfred if he was recording which he wasn’t, which Bruce brings up a whiteboard stating the “A.B.R.” motto. It stands for “Always Be Recording”. Too funny.

LEGO Batman: Wayne Manor Teaser Trailer

Batman v Superman – Deleted Scene

Usually when you hear “deleted scene”, you see a clip that is posted online or either in the DVD pack after the movie has been released for DVD and Blu Ray. But not Warner Bros., they released a deleted scene way before the movie reaches stores.

In this deleted scene titled “Communion” we see a SWAT team on the search for Lex Luther in his layer where he placed General Zod’s body to create Doomsday. When the SWAT team arrives, we see some demon type of creature, then disappear as Lex is in a pool which appears to look like blood. Crazy right? Not sure what this would have done for the movie but it shows that Lex could not get enough of creating and testing things out. See for yourself below.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (Deleted Scene) – Communion


Negan is Here!

Released today, there was a trailer that surfaced that shows the season six finale & how dark it will be.

Not only that, Negan finally is finally there & he brought a friend, Lucy. Things are really heating up now.


Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016) Review:

Let me first start of saying that despite what the critics have been saying, this movie is worth the price of admission and any comic book nerd or fan will love this movie, like I did. Now, time for the review.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, directed by Zack Synder is a step up from Man of Steel as it really digs deep into how the world is divided by what Superman can do and what he should do. And like Synder said, this movie focuses on a lot of things and one of those is that Superman’s actions has reactions and people like Lex Luther and Batman are going after him.

But let’s dive into Batman’s world right now. Right off the bat, once the movie starts it begins with a nightmare that has haunt him for some time and it is the famous storyline when Bruce’s parents where murdered in front of him. But the way Synder and his team recreated this crucial part was amazing, cinematically perfect with the slow motion, zooms, angles, etc. All of this is also shown while we see young Bruce, running away from the funeral, really feeling the sadness of it all. Once this montage ends, we are taken to Metropolis, the day the world witnessed what Superman was capable of when he was fighting General Zod. And Bruce was there, watching the world crumble as buildings fall and chaos roared. I thought this was cool see how someone else, someone like hero who is not use to a God-like human, just watches something horrific like this happen. Since that day too, Bruce has always had a hatred for Superman and that hate grew and grew as two years passed, hunting down clues and people that lead to Superman and the Kryptonite that was found underwater. Throughout Bruce’s hunt for the Kryptonite, we dive into a lot of his nightmares, both very dark and scary, showing how his world has been nothing but terror for him as he got older and older. One of those dreams has a hint of the Justice League. On top of all of this, I believe Ben Affleck was perfect as Bruce Wayne/Batman. As Bruce Wayne, he played the part of a very laid back, weary man who does what he want, while remaining dark. As Batman, he got darker and his armored suit was incredible to see in action.

Superman, has it rough in this movie. Like stated before, the world hates and is terrified of Superman. It’s something they have never seen before and with the power he possesses, the world holds him responsible for everything he has done. While a select few of people believe in Superman, one of which being Lois Lane, they try they’re hardest to get the rest of world to see they’re perspective of the hero but no one believes it or wants to hear it. But things get worse for Superman once there is a press conference at the Senate’s office and when Lex does something, only Lex will do. This is when I saw what Synder was talking about how Lex would be the puppet master and really pulling the strings between Superman and Batman, since he grows real hatred and jealously towards the two heroes.

Let’s also talk about the big fight everyone is waiting for. First off, this fight is not rushed, it is slowly built and gives a good reason for both heroes on why they fight. And it was good one too, with there being a clear winner. I will say though, it was not the fight I was expecting but trust me, it is still worth watching.

But geez, what’s wrong with me right? I haven’t even talked about the other hero in this mix, Wonder Woman. Diana is shown early in the movie, a bit earlier than I expected but when she is introduced, I didn’t really get what it was she was around for, until I noticed that her and Bruce were after the same man, but for different reasons. Diana’s reason is when there is big hint and reference at Justice League and the upcoming DC Films, telling solo stories. And when Diana becomes Wonder Woman, she is badass and puts up one hell of a fight against Doomsday. But just to warn you, reading a quote from Synder, Wonder Woman’s full powers will not be shown since her solo movie is set to release next year. But  there was one power she used that I got very excited when I saw it, you’ll know it too when you see it.

The ending as well, not the big fight ending but the ending ending also hints at the Justice League, so we might see Ben, Gal and Henry has Batman, Wonder Woman and Superman with the rest of the Justice League when you hear what Bruce says to Diana.

Overall, I give this movie 4.5/5 stars. The movie was awesome, from beginning to end, though there were some aspects that could have been told better, this movie was worth it. As a fan, I was ready to see it all: Bruce in his armored suit, the big fight between Batman and Superman, Doomsday, Wonder Woman, the craziness of Lex, and how it was going to break ground for the upcoming DC Films. I know some people said they were mainly excited to see Wonder Woman or feel as if seeing Batman and Superman is nothing, not true. If you keep an open mind, you’ll really enjoy this movie.

Thoughts on Batman v Superman Review

I read the first review on DC Films Batman v Superman & it was good.

Overall, Cinema Blend gave the movie 4.5/5 stars, which I figured but also that the movie focuses more on Bruce Wayne/Batman than Superman & they believe that Ben Affleck was spot on as the Dark Knight. Along with that, the way Zach Synder created Batman was spot on so this new version sounds good. (I’ve been team Batman anyways, reading this gives me more love for this movie).

Plus, the big fight everyone is excited to see, it happens, slowly & for a good reason, showing a true winner.

There’s a lot more I could get into but I’ll give you my own review when I see it this Thursday!

Tomb Raider

So it looks like Star Wars leading lady, Daisy Ridley is in the talks of becoming the next Tomb Raider in the upcoming reboot.

Hopefully she gets it because i believe she is perfect for that role & this will do wonders for her career.

Let this happen, world!

Daredevil: Season 2 (2016) Review

It was Friday morning, about 2am & I watched the first episode of Netflix & Marvel’s hit show, Daredevil. & when i watched it, I was extremely excited becausw that’s when The Punisher came to the screen to grace us with his lethal, deadly ways of getting rid of the ones that deserve to go away, for good. Since that morning, I binged the show until Sunday morning. Whole weekend dedicated to it.

Season 2 of Daredevil was great, with more action and more bloodshed than in the first season, at least how I saw it. You get to see the evolution of Matt, Foggy & Karen & the relationship between all of them. The friendship between Foggy & Matt gets very heavy & intense since Foggy knows about Matt’s hero life, which ruins things in the light of day. & with Karen, she digs deeper into the world of helping people with the law & not backing down for any reason, so it was great to see that happen. Plus, there is a grow between her & Matt that I believe everyone was waiting to happen & has been teased in season 1.

& with Wilson Fisk “gone”, voids needed to be filled & it sort of was with The Punisher & Elektra showing up. The Punisher was probably the more deadly heroes/villains in this season, since he was in the war & owned many, many guns. From episode 1 to 4, The Punisher really punishes people & I can’t help but root for him, even know what he is doing is wrong. Though he is helping the city get clean of all it’s gangs, the way he goes about it is wrong. But the other fact that is right is the actor, Jon that played as The Punisher. He was the perfect actor for that role & I would love to see a series with just The Punisher in it becauase he was awesome in this season. 

 With Elektra, I was not that big of a fan. I’m not sure if it was the actress or the character herself, I just was not a fan. To be honest, she annoyed me, at times. I wanted to see The Punisher more than her but that could have not been possible. I felt that way about the nurse Claire, only because I don’t like Rosario Dawson.

Along with all of that, there are some other villains that appear in the season, that proves these people won’t be going anywhere, anytime soon. & in the season finale, there was a lot of great things shown that will tease season 3 of Daredevil, one of which is when The Punisher goes back to his old house & retrieves a CD. I won’t say what it says on that CD but it’a something major.

Overall, I give Daredevil: Season 2 4.5/5 stars. Everything about it was great but not as strong of a season as season 1 was