SOA Mayans MC Spinoff

Sons of Anarchy still till this day is one of my favorite shows & miss that it is no longer on the air. & i loved that show for many reasons. But now I have another reason on why to like it.

Creator/writer/director/producer of SOA, Kurt Sutter has been working on something big with doing a spinoff of the famous show, but this time focusing on the Mayans MC, within the samw world. And Kurt took to Twitter to shed some light.

On a recent post he states the show is one step closer. I guess that means we can expect to see something in the news soon about the show.

Let’s hope it’s this year!


Black Panther vs Winter Solider 

More and more movie clips for Captain America: Civil War is coming out and today one of the best ones i’ve seen hit the web.

In clip #5, we see Black Panther in full action against the Winter Solider (aka Bucky) on a rooftop. It looks awesome!

Check it out on YouTube.

Zombieland 2??

I am as shocked as you are about this. Rumors are spreadinf that there is a possible sequel to Zombieland and it make begin production this summer.

Hopefully this is true because this is a sequel thay i and many others have been waiting for, for a long long time.

Fingers crossed!

New Spidey Footage!

It has been some time since i last posted something (due to a long weekend of filming) but i am back with some awesome news i just watched.

With Captain America: Civil War coming to theaters very soon, more & more TV spots have been released, one including the web swinger himself.

Go check it out yourself!

The Magnifcent Seven Teaser

This morning i got a chance to see a teaser trailer for an upcoming movie that looks awesome!

Coming to theaters September 23, badass outlaws like Denzel Washington & Chris Pratt unload hell on those weak folks in this incredible western remake.

It is directed by Antonie Fuqua, same man behind Training Day.

Go check it out!

Batman & the Skwad

As the days and weeks go by, more and more info about Suicide Squad is being revealed and it is good stuff.

Just recently, Killer Croc (Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje) told in a interview that “all the villains have been in Arkham because of Batman. So Batman has history with them all.” That makes this even more exicting!

Cannot wait till August! 

Awesome Soundtrack

Director/writer David Ayer was also at CinemaCon with his cast of Suicide Squad & he shed some light on a couple things, one being the soundtrack.

With a lot of films, soundtracks are key & some films have really good ones, like Guardians of the Galaxy. & we all know that in the second & third trailers of Suicide Squad, the songs used were Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” & Sweet’s “Ballroom Blitz”.

So Ayer told the fans at CinemaCon,

“It’s gonna be an interesting soundtrack, let’s just say that. We have some really cool original things coming in but also some familiar things too, and a great score.”

Sounds awesome! I’m ready!