Suicide Squad (2016) Review

The night has finally come and I am happy to post my review.

Director/writer, David Ayer, who is new to the DCEU and a big blockbuster film production, has done another well job with Suicide Squad, based on the DC Comics about a group of criminals who are brought together by the force of a government officer, Amanda Waller to protect the world from a metahuman threat. And for David’s first time, I believe he did a really great job, with some flaws so I will break down the film based on pros and cons.

Pros: Based on the reviews I read, the opening credits and ending credits are the most colorful of the movie but it was done well, based on the characters and the theme of the movie.

The first about 20-30 minutes of the film explains the squad characters and what makes them so important. Deadshot’s awesome and there is cool comic book reference for his when it begins. Harley was up next and that’s when we also got the first look at The Joker, but these are just the past so it shows the come up of their relationship and them ruling the underground world of Gotham. Then was Captain Boomerang, highlighting how his is thief and works with no one. Then El Diablo, the fire metahuman but his intro isn’t too much, more of his backstory comes up later on. And then Killer Croc, the other metahuman who is consider a monster.

Jared Leto’s The Joker was awesome a nice touch on the film. He performance of craziness, humor and looks. The voice was on point but not as close to Heath Ledger of course, but Jared found his own take on the character, ran with it and was incredible. I can see these version crossing over in other movies, such as Ben Affleck’s Batman movie.

Will Smith was a stand out, I mean damn he did a great job. He brought a lot of humor and depth to his character, as he does in all of his movies but this movie really brought him to the top of his game and he was made to play this role. Smith was really able to bring out the bad side of Deadshot, the hatred he carries towards Batman and the fact that since being locked up in Belle Reve, he has been wanting to see his daughter Zoey, the only thing in his life that keeps and brings him peace. There is also two incredible scenes that shows why Deadshot is given that name.

Margot Robbie was another stand out like Smith and Leto. Robbie, who had some big shoes to feel when repressing the infamous Harley Quinn on the big screen. And boy, was it something. All the way from the costumes to the voice, Harley was a true delight and funny, as I figured she would be. I can tell that both her and Ayer worked hard on finding her voice and how to best have her portrayed in the movie. Her introduction scene is awesome too.

Jay Hernandez as Diablo was strong too, as everyone said. His introduction, along with the emotional weight he carried was some hint great to see on the screen. I really connected with his character, especially living the sins he has been holding on to for such a long time. Really great job.

Jai Courtney as Boomerang was hilarious, defiantly the comic relief in the movie, even with his character being unpredictable.

The plot, which I heard people bad mouth about, was actually easy to follow. I won’t spoil it but the whole getting the squad together and the aftermath of it all was shown and I did not feel like it needed to be explained.

The action was good too. But I will admit, it was a little dull but it was still worth watching. I was expecting a bigger bang in it all but for this film, it did well and I loved it.

There is also a bar scene, where you really feel the touching moments of these characters, listening to speak about their life and how the world views them. It was really done well and Diablo’s story was probably the saddest.

Cons: Though I loved it all, there were some problems.

There was not enough conflict between the squad. I mean sure, they hated the government and Rick Flag, but among each other, there wasn’t enough bad blood as I thought, since these are all people who have never worked together before. With that, maybe not all the squad’s abilities were shown.

Killer Croc, Katana and June Moon/Enchantress weren’t really focused on that much. I get that writing a film with a group of characters is hard but they were sideline characters. Maybe if there is a sequel, I would love to see their stories explored more.

The Joker was not featured as much as I thought and did not prose a conflict for the squad like I thought he would.

Batman was so cool to see! I was giddy when he appeared but his screen time is even less than The Joker.

The villain was not drawn out as much as a villain should be. Getting the reason behind what they were doing was not really thought out so that was ok.

The soundtrack was ok. A lot of the songs came from the soundtrack Suicide Squad: The Album and other popular songs, nothing underground or important or anything I haven’t heard before.

Overall, I give this movie a 4 out of 5. It’s a movie that is worth seeing more than once. It has kickass performances, great action, humor, heart and more. I was afraid that with all the hype, I would feel disappointed but I didn’t, I really enjoyed the movie and it is a step up from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. I hope David Ayer stays in the DC family but he has something special.


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  1. Dan O. · August 5, 2016

    Honestly, the movie is messy, but it’s not terrible. It’s quite fun, really. But still definitely pales in comparison to all that Marvel is doing. Nice review.

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